Color: Blue

Terrain: Islands, Coastline, and Archipelago

School: Divination

Emotion: Hope

Predominant Race: Halfling

The ancient dragonborn dynasties apparently had no interest in exploring and conquering other planes of existence. Consequently, when the beautiful eladrin kingdom of Ios was threatened with annihilation by dragonborn armies, its leaders evoked powerful rituals in a desperate attempt to shift the entire kingdom into a twilight reflection of Luminus called the Feywild. Although the Iosan mastery of arcane magic was unrivaled, their rituals failed. Ios’s transposition into the Feywild shook the kingdom to its foundations. All of the magic in the world couldn’t keep its towers and walls from crumbling into ruin, and few Iosan survived the calamity. The survivors remained in the Feywild and began the long process of rebuilding Ios’s capital of Shyrr. These eladrin cloaked the crystalline city using the magic of the Feywild, hoping that intruders from Luminus would have a difficult time locating it.

Roughly two centuries ago, Iosan spies returned to Luminus to observe the changes there. They were shocked to discover that most of its lands had sunk beneath the sea and that the dragonborn dynasties of old were no longer a threat. A few families of Iosans have since rejoined the people of Luminus, but they guard well the secrets of their new homeland for fear that knowledge of the Feywild’s abundant land might spur others to invade it.


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